INP002: 15-22 Indian Scouts 61ci and 74ci Victory Octane With Stock O2 Sensors


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The +CCT Acceleration Optimizer unit will add a “closed loop” control system to your current fuel injection system while it is in performance mode. The +CCT Acceleration Optimizer adjusts fuel while receiving feedback from the engine’s acceleration in Real Time/Real Life. The fuel is changed to whatever is needed to optimize the engine’s acceleration while in performance mode.
+CCT Acceleration optimizer fits the 15-22 Indian Scouts 61ci and 74ci. 2017 Victory Octane With Stock O2 Sensors. Keep your O2 sensors plugged in while using this device. NOT to be used with after-market Wide Band O2 sensors or Power Commander 3 or 5. Can be used in conjunction with: RaceTuner, Dynojet Vision, Vance and Hines Fuel Pak 3